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As a frequent visitor of YG Entertainment, he decided to help out on a music video set on his off days.On the hectic studio set, the director was running around when he spotted the big blue bear. And thus, the KRUNK found his forever fame and fortune.If you want to choose which boxes you want to get you can buy our most popular single boxes here. When you order a box you will receive a link to where you can manage your subscription, or you can contact us here if you need help.You can cancel at any time directly through the website. A long, long time ago, in the high towers of the YG palace, there lived a big blue badass bear named KRUNK.Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably known, seen or heard about YG’s swag-tastic mascot KRUNK. Birthed by the YG design team in Seoul, South Korea, KRUNK is one of the most popular characters in our culture – both in K-Pop and out.

We stayed at this amazing hostel called the actors and tourist guesthouse.

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Anyways me matt and moe stayed played pool talked to the some really cute korean girls, I got one of their number, but decided to bounce.

The one and only music video was none other than YG’s soul sister, Lee Hi’s “IT’S OVER”.

KRUNK made his debut through her music video, playing the opposite role of Lee Hi.


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