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Powered by phpbb hindu dating

Trick is, everyone doesn't have the same fonts on his machine.So the effect you're seeking might go unappreciated.It won't necessarily work in all forums; I don't know why.If it doesn't, and you did follow the coding pattern below, then try fronting the command, dunno why. They make text easy or hard to read, create mood, underscore some point you want to make better than using bold or italics, etc.

However, you can download the fonts if you're using a Windows machine, since older versions of Windows did have these fonts.We believe that pooling knowledge and wisdom helps make parents' lives easier.As far as possible we like to let the conversation flow and keep intervention to a minimum.You type your text, then 'paint' it with your mouse, then click that 'highlight=' (or 'ab' icon) to 'wrap' the text with the command.Next, after the = you type in the HTML code with # and no quotes; or, a common color name. Forum rules GUESTS CAN POST in this forum WITHOUT JOINING. PM me or put Problems or Suggestions in those Admin SUBforums. Posts in main Admin forum go on immediate moderation: for spambots frequent this, the first-created frankforum. If you want me to make your post VISIBLE, say so and I will.Please do bear in mind how difficult this parenting business can be, and if there's one thing all of us could do with, it's some moral support.You are free to change your nickname but please note that we don't allow nickname changes for inflammatory, malicious or misleading purposes. That way you can message me in secret, if you want. Spambots and stalkers and anti-semites will be deleted and banned without notice. No one will see your post except me, so let me know if you want it made visible, in your post.


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