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Pros and cons of mandating nurses

In this Essay, Barros considers the relevance of this behavioral research to normative issues in property law.

Along the way, Barros discusses the broader issue of the potential relevance of biological facts about human behavior to the law.

One of the major legal skills students use in almost every law school clinic is advanced legal writing.

Though humans are remarkably similar, we are all also unique.

Barros criticizes Stake’s evolutionary argument on two levels.

First, he argues Stake’s evolutionary claims lack evidentiary support and fail to connect in subtle but important ways with substantive property law.

TBI is a complex condition, difficult to evaluate, and even more challenging to prove in a court of law.

The use of Single Photon Emission Tomography (SPECT) is becoming increasingly popular for this purpose.


  1. Jan 7, 2016. A number of the pros and cons were based on the experiences and lessons. Pros Mandating specific nurse-to-patient staffing ratios allowed.

  2. The following seven states have no legal requirements for physician involvement in nurse practitioner NP practice Alaska, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, New.

  3. Former National Vice President- HIMSS. Mandated Nursing Ratios – The Pros and Cons. Presentation Format. Frank Overfelt has been active in the healthcare.

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