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Casey always wanted a horse and she finally got her dream when her Grampa Dude gave her Elito, a beautiful chestnut Arabian gelding.

Elito had been abused and it took a lot of work but they bonded and he was truly her horse.

He drove truck before he had a commercial driver's license when he was recruited by a local logger.

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At the time of her death she had just transitioned from the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations to the Director of Development for the College of Education at the U of I.Kyle and Jen met at a Wetmore family reunion in 2000.She was there because of her previous close ties with other Wetmore families in Washington. Meeting at the reunion has become a running family joke.At the time, his parents, Jeanne Jones Harriman and Ron Wetmore, lived in Khartoum, Sudan. When word was sent back to friends in Sudan, his name was misunderstood to be "Cairo Kid." They were greatly relieved at subsequently learning that he was in fact Kyle Roe (nicknamed Kyro). He starred for the Mustangs in both football and basketball.Bringing in the firewood, mowing an acre of lawn and tossing bales for the neighbors during haying season were some of the activities that developed the work ethic which came to characterize him.His goal was to work until he was 70, which would have been October 2012.In September of that year, he suffered a disabling shoulder injury that ended his career with Finke, but he accrued more than 39 years with them.As a college graduation present her parents gave her a golden palomino gelding, named Spook.They were a treasured part of her life for 30 years.His mother married Charlie Matthews, and the family moved to Pierce in 1948.Fred and Elaine then got more siblings: Wayne Matthews, David Matthews, Linda Matthews and Thomas Matthews.


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