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They are like children, which is immediate grounds for audience empathy. A man with keys jangling from his waist walks past a headlight. [Keys have now become a prop which identifies the antagonist of the story: the faceless government agent. This style of story telling engages the audience, and gets them guessing about the characters' actions. He points to the planet earth, touches the globe, then says "HOME, HOME." E. makes a soft noise that sounds similar to the word "home." Gertie watches him as he picks up round objects and places them on the map: three small pieces of fruit and two eggs. T.'s eyes concentrate on the table, which then starts to shake. The thought that they may be in danger from wild creatures in the forest, also creates empathy for them.] EXT: FOREST: NIGHT A small fern grows on the forest floor. The fingers dig up the plant as the rabbit watches. A small wayward alien walks alone among the gigantic redwood trees. [The awesome towering trees psychologically creates audience empathy for the creature. Like the antagonist of many other fantasy films, his face is not initially revealed in order to hold the audiences attention.] The man with keys walks to a truck where he and two other men review a map that's placed on the hood of the truck. They then create expectations, which are later often proved to be wrong. screams and runs away, which is indicated by the shaking bushes. [So, like Dorothy in the WIZARD OF OZ, the opening scene has the protagonist being pursued by an unknown antagonist.] EXT: SPACECRAFT: NIGHT The lights dim on the footings of the spacecraft, presumably because the spacecraft is preparing to takeoff. The glow from his red-heart reflects off the bushes as he runs towards the white light of the spacecraft. The two eggs and three small pieces of fruit then lift off the table and float in the air. Here you will find a large collection of free older women galleries sorted by popularity for your viewing pleasure. NOTE: Please add your scripts to this page and then add them to a category on the Categorized Library page.[This sets up the prop of the red-lights signifying danger. These small creatures are endearing and non-threatening. is observing the actions of the men also creates a psychological bond between the audience and him, since they are also observing these characters.] [While the audience doesn't actually see a map, they presume its existence given the actions of the characters. [Elliott's objective is to discover more about the alien.] Elliott opens the book to a page that has the map of a galaxy. possesses was unexpected and thereby helps to make the story unpredictable.] Elliott screams with fright and the floating objects drop to the floor. Feel free to add your script page links here as well as adding it to the Categorized Library.A script that rezzes a bubble and surrounds a dialog-chosen avatar, exploding 2 seconds after it has reached the avatar.

Go to the LSL Examples page to see brief examples of how to use parts of LSL. The Huge Leap to the new Jive software, while traumatic and disruptive, has failed to dispose of what's come before at the moment of your reading.Besides live chat software, Pure Chat PRO offers paid plans that add Visitor Tracking, Realtime Analytics, Lead Management and Reporting features that allow you to get the most out of your website. Im looking for someone to buy me a drink or two to get me loose, and from there we can have all sorts of fun! Read more Ideally looking for a bi-curious couple (around my age) to engage with - no expectations, just a shared curiosity which may very well lead to a lasting friendship.The article also explains how to hash a name to a number or a key to a number and thereby avoiding to block the rezzer's timer event or using ll Region Say.Clicking on it returns the number of days in the present month. Call dialog and receive selected value via link_message, with built-in timer and link_message notification on time out.The wiki medium is well-suited for a script library due to its revision based historical foundation.If you feel inclined to release your scripts to the entire community, there's no better place to preserve your work/love/energy/gift as a unified and cohesive repository. - THE EXTRA-TERRESTIAL" [The letters are in soft-purple against a black background. INTERCUT: SCHOOL The teacher carries a jar of cotton balls soaked in chloroform, which he drops into the jars containing frogs. [Elliott is making an emotional identification of the frog with E. T.'S FACE [A cinematic technique which reinforces the identification of the frog with E. EXT: LANDING SITE: NIGHT In an opening in the forest stands a spacecraft. who is to be feared, as indicated by his comforting gesture of placing his finger on Elliott's shoulder.] EXT: BACKYARD: NIGHT Elliott runs by the shed, past a swaying swing, up the stairs to the red lamppost and to the wire gate. [The antagonist is getting closer to the home of the protagonist.] INT: ELLIOTT'S ROOM: NIGHT E. sits next to a lamp as he reads a child's ABC book. Mike's friends torment Elliott about his "goblin." [This generates more audience empathy for Elliott, who is unfairly mocked by the ignorant boys. T.] INT: ELLIOTT'S BEDROOM: DAY Mary walks into the closet and looks around. The laughter releases the tension that was created in the previous scene. was frightened by Harvey.] INTERCUT: CLASSROOM The teacher continues his instructions, telling the students that the scalpel is very sharp, and that they should use discretion when cutting. then picks up a can of beer and drinks it as Harvey barks. [The red-lit heart is the most prominent feature of E. Having the teacher focus on the frog's heart starts the identification in the audience's mind of the frogs and E. INTERCUT: SCHOOL Elliott, now drunk, slides down in his chair. INTERCUT: SCHOOL Elliott slides under his desk and falls onto the floor. Elliott doesn't place the cover on his jar, but instead sadly watches as the frog tries to escape. The view of the craft is obscured by tree branches. The aliens are inferred to be collecting vegetation, and are thereby inferred to be harmless.] [Like many of Spielberg's other films, the opening sequences contain almost no dialogue. He forces the audience to become engaged in the storytelling process by giving them just bits of information that they have to piece together into the story. [Jeopardy is introduced into the scene with this comment. He sits next to a Raggedy Ann doll.] [Another image of E. learning the language which helps to forge a bond between him and children in the audience. He looks at the flowers, makes a moaning sound, and suddenly they become healthy and transform into full bloom. T.] EXT: ELLIOTT'S HOUSE: DAY Elliott and Mike walk down the driveway. Elliott still has not earned the respect of Mike's friends, which is one of his dreams.] They finally get on the bus as Elliott walks away, followed by a pretty blonde girl who seems to have a crush on him. The camera pans across the large faces of all the stuffed dolls: Raggedy Ann, a Bear, a Monkey, E. This also reinforces the audience's emotional ties to E. There should be very little blood, and maybe a little body fluids. INTERCUT: SCHOOL Elliott sits at his desk as he listens to the teacher speak. The teacher doesn't hear this because at that moment he pulls down a wall hanging which contains pictures of a frog's anatomy. Slowly he places to lid on it, as he gazes at the frog. The atmosphere is misty, with blue lights coming from the spacecraft. This forces the audience to pay close attention to the images on the screen. This engages the audience, as they attempt to see what the aliens really look like.] One creature walks up the gang blank and into the ship. This is another technique that forces the audience to focus on the action.] INT: SPACECRAFT'S GREENHOUSE: NIGHT The inside of the ship appears to be a greenhouse. Cone shaped objects (possibly alien plants) sit among earth plants. He doesn't insult their intelligence.] EXT: SPACECRAFT: NIGHT A group of the aliens work in front of the spacecraft. Good feelings for the doll are also transferred to the alien.] On the floor next to E. Michael appears worried as he sits on the bus among the other children who are throw- ing objects at each other. Mary comes running downstairs and tells Gertie that they have to get into the car, otherwise they'll be late. T., since he is so "doll-like."] INT: SCHOOL: DAY A teacher walks down the aisle and announces to the class that today they will perform the frog dissection for which they have been preparing. Elliott turns to see the pretty blonde girl staring at him. [This exposition of the plans sets up the audience's expectations, which later will not be fulfilled.


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