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Sedating your donkey

I bought a donkey recently, mainly for company for my colt and also for 'protection' due to the coyotes, etc we have out here.

He is a yr and a half old aprox, and i was told he was sweet but could be a lil hard to get ahold of.

They may show persistent wandering, pacing and braying, as they look for the missing donkey.

They may go into a hyperlipaemic crisis as a result of the stress.

Once he was delivered, unloaded, and paid for i was informed he doesn't halter and kicks w/ his back feet when messing with his rear end. I am confident i can work with him, i have him in a smaller section of my pasture now by himself.

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You may find it helpful to ask your vet’s opinion and start to keep a diary of your donkey’s behaviour.However, you do have to consider the practicalities of removing the body from small or difficult to access areas such as stables.Also consider whether you feel able to be with your donkey at this time.Many PIOs will return the passport to you afterwards if you request it as a memento.If you are a Donkey Guardian please return the donkey's passport to our Welfare department.There is no need to feel embarrassed about mourning the loss of your donkey friend and it may be helpful to talk to friends or family who understand the size of your loss.If you feel you need more dedicated help there are specialist pet bereavement counsellors who you may find it helpful to contact.His feet concern me, from all appearances he may never have been trimmed. So here is what i am wondering....i work with him and wait several weeks until he is used to handling to get his feet done?or do i give him something from the vet to 'take the edge off' him and have my farrier trim him sooner?Please allow at least an hour before the body of the donkey is removed.Closely monitor the bereaved companion(s) for several weeks afterwards as bereavement stress can manifest itself up to three weeks after the death of a friend and result in hyperlipaemia.


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