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Selena gomez dating david henrie 2016 dating international development

But I felt very violated and I didn't like it or understand it, and that felt very weird, because I was a young girl and they were grown men. Selena turned 18 and was still playing Alex Russo on the show, but it was then that things started to change for her.

Selena Gomez is childish and pathetic staging a fake date with David Henrie to make Justin Bieber jealous.“As it got closer, I was like ‘No, just relax and enjoy the evening,’” he explained.“But it very well might [happen spontaneously].” Selena and David last got together in January for her first Instagram story."I remember just feeling really violated when I was younger, even just being on the beach," she said."I was maybe 15 or 16 and people were taking pictures—photographers." She added, "I don't think anyone really knew who I was.Further it looks that Selena Gomez can be called as the new David Henrie girlfriend or at least their fans think that they are getting together.It looks like she has been posting a lot of pictures of them both together over the time and their fans think that she would be great as David Henrie girlfriend and that they suit each other and should get together if they are not together still.Several sources have even told us that Justin Bieber’s jealous side tends to flare up whenever Selena Gomez hangs out with David Henrie, largely because Selena’s bond with David goes back many, many years – much beyond Selena’s ‘bond’ with Justin.And since Justin Bieber is a little twat, his jealous side will always, always come out whenever he sees ‘competition’.Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are continuing their childish romance games, even though it’s seriously starting to grate on everyone’s nerves.At this point, nobody even cares about these two anymore, but unfortunately, they still care about each other.


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