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Sharepoint 2016 itemupdating afterproperties Sex chat roulette girls no registration

Share Point Namespace My Event Handlers Public Class Simple Event Handler Inherits SPItem Event Receiver End Class End Namespace An object of your class is instantiated when actions occur within the list.

When it arrives at the local store, a user sets the Arrived column to Yes.

Wictor Wilén is the Nordic Digital Workplace Lead working at Avanade.

Wictor has achieved the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) - Share Point 2010, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) - Share Point and Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) - Share Point 2010 certifications.

Original value means that the correct original value was available.

The After Properties return an int value only for every field type that uses indexed values (Choice fields, Lookup fields) when invoked in an Item Updating/Item Adding event, unless they allow multiple values.


  1. SharePoint 2016/2013/2010. you can hook into the ItemUpdating event for a document library and prevent a. to the AfterProperties.

  2. Dieser Beitrag soll nicht zeigen, wie man EventReceiver für SharePoint-Listen und –Bibliotheken entwickelt. Dafür gibt es meiner Meinung nach bereits.

  3. I am trying to set the value of a field on a ListItem in an event receiver but its not working All i am doing during the event is properties.

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