Shaved head intimidating

I saw this set of tits and was like hey the people who visit my porn site would like to see these amazing boobies.

The girls name is Alexandra Tyler and man does she look amazing.

shaved head intimidating-11shaved head intimidating-6

You expect a girl this hot that’s what you expect LOL.

Candace here is hanging out on a plush shag carpet (are those still around?

crazy) in her white high heels and that’s about it, showing off her huge perfect breasts and sweet round ass, not to mention her sexy shaved pussy as she spreads her legs and slides her hands over her skin!

Alright I can’t stop staring at those boobs, it’s like if you cover either one she’s got great boobs but having them both visible is just kinda weird.

Don’t get me wrong though this chick is still drop dead gorgeous…maybe it’s just this one picture that is accentuating the effect or something, better go through them all a few times to make sure!


  1. He looks a lot more intimidating than he really is. Shaved the head just now but kept the week and a half of facial growth. Shaved head with beard - yes

  2. The 26-year-old looked completely different and a little intimidating as he sported a shaved head and beardless face.

  3. Mannes — who sports a shaved head — says the impetus for his research came. When I grow my hair I have been told I don’t look as intimidating. Knowledge.

  4. After recently shaving my head and growing a goatee Ive. I have never shaved my head but my sons have. or athletic you can be a pretty intimidating

  5. The New Uniform of White Supremacy. Facebook. Twitter. Email. If you saw a guy with a shaved head wearing suspenders and Doc Martens threaded with white or red.

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