Song ji hyo dating Udist chatavenue

Cheon Seong-im (born 15 August 1981), better known by her stage name Song Ji-hyo, is a South Korean actress, television presenter and model.

As the show 'Healing Camp' is a time where celebrities get more deep and personal than probably do on any other variety show, of course Gary responded to the question so many people are asking. A photo of him and Song Ji Hyo was brought up, where the two were spotted looking quite intimate at a gathering outside of the filming set.

They prefer to think of their relationship as brother and sister love, aiyo, you mean brother Gary dating his sister, so so politically incorrect.

Actress A (likely Song Jihyo) has started really dating Gary in recent weeks.

She said, "It's not that marriage isn't on my mind at all right now but I'm satisfied and having fun with my current lifestyle so I don't think it'll happen unless something really sparks."Song Ji Hyo added that her mom also seemed to have given up on trying to get her to marry.

Running Man's onscreen couple Gary and Song Jihyo have always been humouring their fans saying that they are not dating offscreen.


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