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C., 1993 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 62-60001 First Printed 1963 — CMH Pub 7-7-1 For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. THE BIG PICTURE IN OCTOBER 377 Air Support 381 An Enigma Named Logistics 382 XVII. 602 Heartbreak Crossroads 606 Something in the Air 611 The VIII Corps in the Ardennes— Eif el 612 XXVII. In this volume, the term Com- mander in Chief West will be used to refer to the person holding the title Oberbefehlshaber West, while the abbreviated form OB WEST will refer to his headquarters. Materiel estimates are from Cole, The Lorraine Campaign, p. 13 AAF Staff Control Aircraft Inventory, Com- bined Allied vs. In the entire Luftwaffe the Ger- mans had only 4,507 serviceable planes, and most of these had to be retained within Germany to contest Allied strategic bombers. ASSAULT ON THE CITY 307 The Assault Begins 309 Holding the Last Link 313 The Final Blow 314 What Aachen Cost 317 PART FOUR The Roer River Dams XIV. The Allies had three tactical air forces: the IX and XIX Tactical Air Commands (both under the Ninth Air Force) and the 2d Tactical Air Force (British). But whatever the period may lack in sweeping accomplishment it makes up in human drama and variety of combat actions. Exclusive of the forces in southern France, Allied casualties from 6 June to 1 1 September were 39,96 1 killed, 164,466 wounded, and 20,142 For Third Army operations in Lorraine, see H. Cole, The Lorraine Campaign, UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II (Wash- ington, 1950). 27 May 44, SHAEF SGS 381 Post Overlord Planning, I.

Huge armies waged the campaign describec V in this book, but the individual soldier, pitting his courage and stamina against harsh elements as well as a stubborn enemy, emerges as the moving spirit of these armies. Mac Donald, a graduate of Presbyterian College, is the author of Company Commander, 1 an account of his experiences as an officer of the 2d Infantry Division in the European theater during World War II. Army Center of Military History The Center of Military History prepares and publishes histories as required by the U. It also maintains liaison with public and private agencies and individuals to stimulate interest and study in the field of military history. On the far bank they climbed a hill to a cluster of farm buildings. Army, which had become operational on 5 Sep- tember and was reducing the Breton coastal fortress of Brest, far behind the current front lines. Operating along the Chan- nel coast, the Canadians already had captured Dieppe and the 1st British Corps of the First Canadian Army was putting the finishing touches to conquest of Le Havre. As befits the nature of the fighting, this volume is focused upon tactical operations at army level and below. Objective: the Roer River Dams, V Corps, 13-15 December 1944 . 599 xvm Maps I— IX are in accompanying map envelope Page I. 9 General Eisenhower, who had assumed direct operational command in the field on 1 September, controlled on the Continent 26 infantry divisions (in- cluding 1 airborne division) and 13 ar- mored divisions (not including a number of cavalry groups and separate tank bat- talions). In nuclear war or in so-called limited war in underdeveloped areas, of which we hear so much today, this may well be the form the fighting will assume. By the afternoon of 1 1 Sep- tember a cumulative total of 2,168,307 men and 460,745 vehicles had landed in Normandy. That this was not, in fact, the case was a painful lesson that the months of September, October, November, and December would make clear with stark emphasis. xxn PART ONE BREACHING THE SIEGFRIED LINE CHAPTER I The Road to Germany The shadows were growing long as five men from the Second Platoon, Troop B, 85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, 5th U. Armored Division, reached the west bank of the Our River. to Those Who Served Foreword To many an Allied soldier and officer and to countless armchair strategists, World War II in Europe appeared near an end when in late summer of 1944 Allied armies raced across northern France, Belgium, and Luxembourg to the very gates of Germany. Nearly every officer who held the post of division commander or above during the campaign has read the manuscript of this volume, and at least one ranking officer from each division, corps, and army headquarters has read and commented upon the manuscript. Any credit for this volume should be divided among all those who helped make it possible. THE ROAD TO GERMANY 3 Allied Strategy 6 The Shadow of Logistics . VII CORPS PENETRATES THE LINE 66 German Developments 69 The Battle of the Stolberg Corridor 71 The Drive on the Second Band 75 A Wall About Aachen 80 Battle of the Monschau Corridor 82 The Germans Strike Back 86 The Onset of Position Warfare 90 The First Fight in the Forest 92 xm Chapter Page V. The First Attack on Schmidt, 9th Division, 6-16 October 1944 . Invasion from the Sky, Operation Market-Garden, 17-26 September 1944 V. As noted by Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt, 8 SHAEF G-3 War Room Summary 102. 11 While Allied units were close to full strength, hardly a German division was. Houseman Industrial College of the Armed Forces Oron J. It is a ground story in the sense that air operations have been included only where they had direct influence upon the ground action. Although considerable attention has been paid British and Canadian operations where U. units were involved, this is designed only to place U. Reference in the footnotes and the bibliographical note can give only partial credit to the scores of officers and men who furnished information or unraveled questions of fact. It was he who first brought the author into the field of military history and patiently and astutely guided his early efforts. Mac DONALD xu Contents PART ONE Breaching the Siegfried Line Chapter Page I. V CORPS HITS THE WEST WALL 39 The Race for the West Wall 41 Into Germany 43 Battle of the Schnee Eifel 49 Bridgehead at Wallendorf 56 Defense of the Bridgehead 63 IV. Breaching the West Wall South of Aachen, VII Corps, 12-29 September 1944 IV. The total for the Western Front would then be 35 infantry and 14 armored divisions. General Eisenhower's 49 divisions were opposed, theoretically, by about 48 infan- try and 15 panzer-type divisions, plus several panzer brigades. who on 5 September began a second tour as Oberbejehlshaber West (Commander in Chief West), these forces actually existed only on paper. Those of my colleagues whose invaluable contribu- tions to this co-operative enterprise can be precisely noted are as follows: The historian who performed most of the original research in German materials and by his monographs on German actions provided in effect a companion manuscript to the author's American story was Lucian Heichler. OPERATION MARKET-GARDEN 119 The Germans in the Netherlands 123 Seven Days for Planning 127 What Did the Germans Know? INVASION FROM THE SKY 140 "a remarkably beautiful late summer day" 140 Hell's Highway 143 Six Bridges and a Ridge 154 Taking the Objectives lt0 The Red Devils at Arnhem 170 VIII. THE APPROACHES TO ANTWERP 207 The Controversy About Antwerp 209 The Battle of the Schelde 215 Baptism of Fire 222 South Beveland and Walcheren 227 Something Beastly in Antwerp 229 X. Drive From the Albert Canal to the West Wall, XIX Corps, 10-19 September 1944 97 2. The Huertgen Forest, 16 November-9 December 1944 VII. Hodges 21 Thirteen Commanders of the Western Front 22 Captured Panzerfaust 26 Captured Nebelwerfer 28 Plan of Typical German Pillbox 32 Interior of German Pillbox 33 Maj. The equivalent of five divisions had been corralled in the Channel Islands and the coastal "for- tresses." Rundstedt estimated that his forces were equivalent to about half the number of Allied divisions. XI To list all present and former officials of the Office of the Chief of Military History who by their advice and support helped make the work possible would be prohibitively lengthy. The maps, which serve not only to illustrate the narrative but also to tie diverse actions together, are the work of Charles V. On the other hand, the author alone is responsible for interpretations made and conclusions drawn, as well as for any errors of omission or commission which may appear. ACTION ON THE NORTH WING 96 Defense of the Albert 98 From the Albert to the Border 101 Delay in the Assault 112 PART TWO An Airborne Carpet in the North VI. 628 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE 629 GLOSSARY 633 CODE NAMES 636 BASIC MILITARY MAP SYMBOLS 637 INDEX 641 Maps 1. XIX Corps Breaks Through the West Wall, 2-7 October 1944 VI. Most had incurred severe losses in both men and equipment, and many were badly demoralized from con- stant defeat in the field.In this Video we will talk about an Event and Seminar we are Doing System 333 The secrets To Solo Travel and How to be a Man what your dad never taught you?10th of May in Sydney 7.30 Pm Next to Broadway Details [email protected]


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