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At present, the Jews of Croatia are organized into nine active communities throughout the country.

These communities are all affiliated with the Coordinating Committee of the Jewish Communities in the Republic of Croatia, which acts as an umbrella group for Croatian Jewry.

The Ustasha targeted Serbs, Jews, and Roma as well as other ethnic and religious minorities and political opponents.

During the course of the next four years, the Croats stripped the Jews of all their property and eventually killed most of them in local concentration camps.

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One of the pillars of good unit tests is readability.The most notorious of these was the Jasenovac camp, in which thousands of Jews perished at the hands of the Ustasha.It is important to note here that the Ustasha were the main perpetrators of the genocide of Croatian Jewry during the Holocaust.The first will return an invalid match, and the second will return a message if either object is not a valid date (if they are undefined, null, or incorrectly formatted).Finally the I don’t know about you, but these tests look a lot better to me.During his reign, Jewish settlement was allowed, and Jews arrived from Burgenland, Bohemia, Moravia, Hungary and elsewhere in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.Jews still had to contend with several restrictions until their full emancipation in 1870.Croatia’s small but extremely active Jewish community numbers 1,700.Although there have been difficulties in combating anti-Semitism and other problematic ideologies in the country – in particular historical revisionism that has sought to rehabilitate the fascist Ustasha movement of the 1930’s and 1940’s and cleanse it of responsibility for the mass killing of Jews and Serbs during World War II – Croatian Jewry enjoys full and equal rights along with support from the government.During the 13th and 14th centuries, Jews lived in Zagreb and enjoyed a certain degree of autonomy with a leader called a “magistratus Jedaeorum.” During this period, Jewish communities throughout the region, including in Split and Dubrovnik, prospered.This was particularly the case during the Middle Ages, when they played a significant role in commerce with Italy and the countries of the Danube basin.


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  5. Jews arrived in Croatia with the Roman armies, and there are remains of a Jewish cemetery in Solin near Split dating back to the 3rd century of the Common.

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