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Strategies for alpha male dating

This can only come when you internalize game (at least 5 years of practice) like how a professional basketball player can shoot with his eyes closed, but how alpha you can become from full-blown beta is up for debate.

The second option is to have fun being the clown to get a variety of sex, but only plan for long-term relationships with women who appreciate your true—albeit constantly changing—self.

They are both putting on a performance for the same goal.

One performance gets the girl in her prime while the other gets her afterwards, when she has gained 20 pounds and becomes host to three different HPV strains.

For men, acting must occur in the most mundane of situations: One reason the game is not worth it for some men is because we are forced to be actors and clowns in the presence of women for transient sexual gain.

I would do 1,000 approaches if it meant the next girl would unconditionally love me for who I am and will become for all eternity, but this is an absolute impossibility where girls can survive without men.

Today, no man can be authentic in front of a woman.

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You have probably heard that when you meet someone new, the first impression is very important because it will greatly affect what perception this person will develop about you.

I noticed that the more I’m myself in a relationship with a woman (as I see myself), the happier I am with her.

On the other hand, the more I have to change my behavior in line to what I think she would find attractive, the less satisfaction I get from that relationship.

The beta must pretend to be a friend when he is interested in the girl and wants sex.

The alpha must pretend to be aloof when he is interested in the girl and wants sex.


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