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Take one of the stalks of the plant, then return to Room 001. He won't tell you the password, but he will drop a Swiss Army knife. Head left again, and this time use the spring from the bed on the solid ground in front of the brick wall.This will get you on the other side, and you will automatically pick up the shovel and return to the other side.After the captain's finished explaining the second trial, leave the room and continue left past the Cantine.You will see a brick wall with a yellow plant beside it.February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month - Learn More and Get Involved Teen dating violence/abuse (TDV) is defined as physical, sexual, or psychological violence/abuse within a close interpersonal relationship.TDV isn't an argument every once in a while, or a bad mood after a bad day.Take the crumbs from the table on the right before you leave the Cantine. The guard is so entranced by his kaleidoscope, that he won't even notice if you remove the grenade hanging from his belt. Tie the rope to the pin on the grenade, then attach the grenade to the locked desk drawer.Go back to the garbage can out front of the Cantine, and root through it. After the smoke clears, you can take the sleeping pills from the now-open drawer.

After he's been electrocuted, reach through the slot in the door to get the prison door key, and unlock the door with it.

Then take the magazine back to Room 001 and use it to bribe the captain to tell you the password. Tell the bar man the password to discover the third trial.

You can head back to Room 001 if you want, but the captain's already gone.

Now head right, taking the upper path, past the mud pool until you get to a tent witha barbed wire fence behind it.

Use the Swiss Army knife to cut the barbed wire, then use the shovel to dig up the mysterious object. Take it to the guard at the entrance to the camp, and trade it for the magazine he's reading.


  1. National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline. Talk to an adult you can trust, locate a shelter or agency serving victims of intimate partner violence/domestic abuse in.

  2. Dating Violence Prevention, Teens Ages 13 to 19 Years. What is dating violence? Dating violence is a type of domestic violence that happens between people.

  3. More than half of America's teens know friends who have experienced some sort of dating abuse, while one in four 11-14 year olds say that physical dating.

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