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Sturgeon demonstrated the power of the electromagnet by lifting nine pounds with a seven ounce piece of iron wrapped with wires through which the current of a single cell battery was sent.

However, the true power of the electromagnet comes from its role in the creation of countless inventions to come.

Morse allowed Annie Ellsworth, the young daughter of a friend, to choose the words of the message and she selected a verse from Numbers XXIII, 23: "What hath God wrought? Morse's early system produced a paper copy with raised dots and dashes, which were translated later by an operator.The optical telegraph was later replaced by the electric telegraph, which is the focus of this article.In 1809, a crude telegraph was invented in Bavaria by Samuel Soemmering. At the receiving end, the message was read 2,000 feet away by the amount of gas produced by electrolysis.This enabled a single wire to carry 72 transmissions at the same time (36 in each direction).Two years later, Western Union introduced the first of its automatic facsimile devices.In 1913, Western Union developed multiplexing, which made it possible to transmit eight messages simultaneously over a single wire (four in each direction).Teleprinter machines came into use around 1925 and in 1936 Varioplex was introduced.He gave a public demonstration in 1838, but it wasn't until five years later that Congress, reflecting public apathy, awarded him ,000 to construct an experimental telegraph line from Washington to Baltimore, a distance of 40 miles.Six years later, members of Congress witnessed the transmission of messages over part of the telegraph line.In 1959, Western Union inaugurated TELEX, which enabled subscribers to the teleprinter service to dial each other directly.Until 1877, all rapid long-distance communication depended upon the telegraph.


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