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This story is about a missionary family who travel to a far away jungle tribe and become embedded in their ritual called Nite Of The Pigs.The women (Mom, and 2 daughters) are subdued, and offered as sacrifice to the wild boar hog gods, and even more than that happens for sure!!As Louis sat himself down to figure out some sort of sermon to bedelivered to these indiginous tribal people,that truly had no aspect of any god orgods outside their own tribal beliefs and customs,as he headed little of the 3 womendressing and chatting to each other about what to wear in this god forsaken placethey were exposed to.But outside that tent the men tribal elders were themselves having a meeting of theirown and this was in fact to discuss the tribal tradition of the "nite of the pigs" thatthey had for generations upon generations held every year to give to and hopefullyapease the gods so they could have good hunting for the following year.No bras, No panties, nothing of the sortcovered them except their leafy body coverings that barely even covered their loins andtheir breast and nipples right out in the open for all to see.She wanted so to tell these women they could not dress like this it was a total sin in godseyes to be exposed so openly as this and tried to think how she was herself going to talkto the women of the tribe about keeping their bodies concealed from the mens full open viewing.Louis on the other hand was now sitting all the elders of the tribe who were dressed in whathad to be ritualistic attire their faces painted in odd patterns and their costumes were ofbird feathers and their body coverings from that of what had to be the skins of the pigs theyhad often hunted for food to feed the village.

The middle of them was beside herself as well feeling exactly what her sister, and Mom were feeling as all seemed to look at each other full of absolute unadulterateddesire to have something put out the burning,mysteriously bubbling lust overcomingthem all now.And as they all sat and ate the dayz gathering and catch the 3 women seemedto be on edge about how they were being looked at and over by not only the females ofthe tribe but the males seemed to be really looking them over!!After a couple days of this uneasyness and the women expressing to Louis their fatherand his wife Ellens telling him they felt as though the men of the tribe were lusting afterthem and that he should go have a talk with the tribal leader about this, which Louishad told her that she should go pray for redemption thinking such evil sinful thoughtsas his wife Ellen had a pure gut feeling all these horny tribal black men lusted for herand worst of all for her daughters!!The femaleswere surely ready to clean up and did so leaving Louis to haul water several timesfor all this.All three women had finished their baths and retired to their tent to finish theirhair and dress as comfortable as they could being in the surroundings they wereexposed to now.She saw how they eyed them as they were about thecamp though no advances by any of them, had been made at all, she damn well was uneasyabout it all.In fact the way Jungue had himself looked her over with that full intent of awoman just knows when a man is looking at her with sexual intent and he was sure as thedevil eyeing her youngest daughter marie.And with thenew arrivals being in their midst they certainly were discussing what and how to getthem involved as well.So as everyone in the village sat at the eating tent that was used for the entire tribeto be fed because individual family meal practices to them were never even a thingat all.But several older tribal women now were in her tent offering her and her daughtersa drink from a homemade looking bowl that looked to be cut out from some huge goard butwas certainly decorated with many handcarved figures on it indicating it was some sort ofa ritualistic drinking vessel.As the tribal women had shown to her and the girls to drink thestrange looking liquid contained in the ritual bowl as they then used a cup made from some other strange jungle fruit or guard and offered it to Ellen who not being one to want to sayno and be unfriendly in any sort of way,so she took a sip and after shaking her head to adjustto the strange and seemingly potent sourness flavor as the tribal women gave her a nod to drinkit all so she consumed the cup of liquid that seemingly had her taste glands in an uproar like thiswas drinking a cup of pickle juice in a way but had a strange sort of calming fruity flavor, whilethe tribal woman then went to her daughters and they all drank this potion as well and soon acalming, sort of feeling came over them all, as the tribal women jestured to them to sit down andthey all sat around trying to do the best they could to relate to each other mostly using hand jesturesand such.


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