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The Global Young People’s Convocation, a collaborative effort among the church’s …

The Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll comprises a unique set of 50 large leather bound volumes which are located in the Archives at Westminster Methodist Central Hall in London.

Volume 50 covers Wesleyan Circuits in Scotland, France, India, China, Hong Kong, South Africa and Gibraltar.

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Each microfiche contains a maximum of 12 pages of the Historic Roll. Volumes 1-49 cover Wesleyan Methodist Districts and Circuits in England and Wales.

To qualify for a place on the Historic Roll: In 2002, the Historic Roll was copied onto microfiche and a microfiche reader/printer installed in the Visitor Services Centre at Westminster Central Hall.

Family and church historians can request a search to be made by e-mail or by post and obtain an estimate of the cost of photocopying the entries for a particular Wesleyan Chapel or Circuit, or purchasing sets of microfiche for a Circuit or District.

The symposium is designed to reflect the kind of vibrant, creative energy and patient reflection that will promote worship that is both relevant …

View full post July 18, 2018 Four South Carolina United Methodists are among the youth, young adults and adult workers from all over the world gathered this week in Johannesburg, South Africa, for worship, fellowship, leadership development and conversations about young people’s hopes and dreams for the church.


  1. Christmas Eve Sunday Morning Worship will be held only at a.m. featuring the Youth Bells and Youth Choir. Christmas Eve Services 12 p.m. Traditional.

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