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Updating stock quotes in excel

If you don't need backwards compatibility with Yahoo, and just want a simple price quote, this VBA snippet adds an Excel Function to return the price of a ticker symbol.

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The simplest way I have found is to save the results of the curl script in a text file and then import that file into Excel.It will be much easier to follow this tutorial if you refer to the workbook.The stock information for the Active Range will come from Yahoo Finance.Yahoo makes it possible to retrieve a single stock quote via HTTP.Using the curl example below, we can retrieve a single stock price from Yahoo Finance.This includes things such as Last Trade Price, EBITDA, Ask, Bid, P/E Ratio, etc.Whenever you add or change one of these attributes in the first row of the Active Range, the range will automatically update as well.Once enabled, that range becomes live in the sense that if you add or change a stock symbol in the first column of the range, the range will automatically (and almost instantly) update.You can specify any of 84 information attributes to include as columns in the Active Range.Note: You can also simply click on the link and Safari will download a file called with the prices. Adding how to import into Excel: After you have your file of stock prices, you can easily import them into Excel.On the menu bar, choose Data - Import Text File Select your text file with the stock prices in it On the next screen you have the options, but just click on Finish You have to select the cell to place the data and then it appears!


  1. I've been working on a mock stock portfolio in Excel, and I've been looking for ways to automatically update the data, eg. stock price and P/E.

  2. Jun 12, 2017. Microsoft Excel Basic PowerQuery — Stock Price Data From. Google Spreadsheet, the GOOGLEFINANCE function updates the data table.

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