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"The original Ti Vo Series1 DVR released more than a decade ago, will not operate with current software versions and will no longer be supported by the Ti Vo service.” In the years leading up to an explosion of on-demand videos from Netflix and others, Ti Vo DVRs were the hottest way to watch pay TV shows.

The service has 7 million paying subscribers, slightly less than streaming service Hulu.The first wave of Ti Vo digital video recorders are about to get a final "thumbs down." Those Series 1 DVRs, first released in 1999, will get their last programming guide update on Sept. Ti Vo DVRs, which at the time cost 0 or more, could be bought with a lifetime subscription to its software. 29, the units will no longer record programs using the Season Pass feature.The update will look to bring Virgin Media up to the level of Sky, which currently allows the streaming of 4K content on its premium Sky Q Silver service.However it doesn't come cheap, only being included in the more expensive Sky Q package starting from £54 a month – although this comes with a wireless Q Mini box, so you can watch live and on-demand television in another room in the house.Those hanging on to the earliest model are the ones facing changes.The company sent a letter to the 3,500 or so owners of the older Ti Vos, saying that the products have "had a great run and we're truly sorry to see them go." To make up for it, Ti Vo is giving those owners a prepaid Visa card that, presumably, many customers might use on a new Ti Vo.And now, this feature will now apply to all on demand TV too.• Bookmarking – sifting through hours and hours of different boxsets and movies can be a tough task, but saving programmes and movies has now got much easier.Virgin Media customers can easily bookmark any programme whether it’s on normal TV, on demand or on Netflix.By setting a Series Link for a particular programme Virgin Media’s Ti Vo box will not only record the entire series but will also find all of the related episodes available on demand and on platforms such as Netflix.All of these episodes will be put into one handy folder (My Shows) ready to watch whenever.• Fewer lists, less text, more images – On demand programmes will now appear as image-based tiles and subtle changes such as changing channel names to channel logos help to improve the functionality and access to the best programmes.• Continue Watching – for years Virgin Media customers have been able to continue where they left off on their recordings.


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