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Validating communication

Being overwhelmed with emotion is not a pleasant experience.

For emotionally sensitive people, managing their emotions so they can communicate most effectively and with the best results means learning to manage the intense emotions they experience on a regular basis.

Two people can watch the same event occur and see different aspects and remember important details differently.

Validation is a way of understanding another person’s point of view.

Understanding Validation Validation is a simple concept to understand but difficult to put into practice.

Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person’s internal experience as being valid.

When coaching or counseling an employee who has a negative attitude, a personality conflict with a coworker or hasn't performed up to expectations, the principles of constructive communication are particularly important.

On these occasions, the risk of putting the employee on the defensive is very high.

Those thoughts lead to fear and maybe panic because of the importance of being part of a group is critical for survival, especially in the early days of mankind, and of the potential loss of love and acceptance which is a basic need.

Validation also shows the other person that you are there for them. Sometimes when change is very difficult, having the difficulty of the task recognized helps people keep working toward their goal. A simple to understand concept, validation is powerful and often more difficult to practice than it might at first seem.

In my experience, the results are well-worth the effort.

In response, many managers decide not to bother worrying about feelings, and just take a "hard-nosed" approach.

Many other managers go to the other extreme and avoid confronting problems entirely.


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