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This lesson covers; You will always have a need to record a macro.It will generate code for you quicker than you can type, and help you learn the VBA for specific Excel commands you have not written before.VBA as a language used in MS Office applications enables you to automate some of the Excel functions such as graphical presentation of data analysis, data reporting, organization and formatting.To use Excel VBA, a command line window needs to be run.You can write them shorthand or be more descriptive.This lesson covers; Your VBA code is sure to have to refer to different cells, sheets and books.This tutorial covers; When selecting cells whilst recording a macro, the macro records these as absolute references.

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Depending on the user’s settings, a user will be prompted to enable macros on the spreadsheet when opening the file.This is the same behaviour that you get when you write functions in Excel.There are a few different ways that you can write arguments in VBA.There are many different techniques for doing this.What you use depends on your location when you write the reference, and why you are doing it.You can create some awesome macros by recording, but the real power lies in writing the VBA.Using VBA you can create complex macros that enhance the capabilities of Excel.This tutorial covers; In this lesson we create a macro from scratch and begin to write our first code.Its a simple little bit of code to start with so we begin to understand the VBA object model and get familiar with VBA terminology and grammar.We stop the recording when we have finished, and from now on these actions can be performed with the click of one button.This tutorial covers; An Excel file that contains a macro should be saved as a macro enabled file.


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  2. I have been playing around measuring code execution times to gauge differences between executing my scripts locally and on my server. At one point I forgot to disable screen updating and was thankf.

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