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Now that the VMs are replicated and we are generating historical snapshots, we simply add them to protection groups and recovery plans in SRM like any VR protected VM.

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When a backup or restore operation using the Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive Client and the Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments - Data Protection for VMware completed successful, snapshot consolidation failure may be seen in the VMware v Center.If a wayward VMware Administrator sees a bunch of snapshots, or if a script runs that consolidates snapshots, it may add burden or indeed completely mess things up to have all those snapshots sitting there.Not to mention the overhead and commit time of consolidating all the snapshots on recovery.There is no best practice here, it is simply an option if you like the option of using MPIT on a daily basis but might choose not to use it for full DR purposes.Now say we need to fail over for some reason to our recovery site, in SRM we run the recovery plan to migrate, and watch as everything recovers.-- If you power on the virtual machine, you receive the message indicating that the file is busy. -- Cloning the virtual disks of the virtual machine fails.See also the link below to the VMware KB article 1010310 "Unable to commit virtual machine snapshots because another task is in progress".I have a VM that seems to be working ok, but when VMWare DR (or I) tries to create a snap shot, it fails, and when I view the summary page of the VM it has a warning at the top showing that the disks need to be consolidated. Now you can use the consolidate option in v Sphere Web Client to consolidate the last delta while the VM is already running.So I go to snapshot manager for the VM and choose consolidate (in snapshot manager, there are no snapshots actually listed by the way). If everything is running fine you can delete the backup folder.Since MPIT configuration has already been covered previously, we will start with the assumption that VMs have been configured for replication already, and that MPIT is being used for some set of historical point in time retention.In this scenario I have 5 replicas being retained per day. Now I’m going to browse the datastore on the target location, in the recovery site – this is where the MPIT snapshots are held.


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