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Little by little, while screening out the biphobic girls, I started to become even more label-conscious.

I found that many of the women who identified as lesbian were the women who refused to date me because I was bi, so I assumed it was best to only date other bi women.

It’s awesome for us queer people to be able to find each other in the sea of straight people on mainstream dating apps.

I had to take a step back and recognize that labels are often a meaningless construct that can sometimes do just as much harm as good.Smith then robbed the victim, using the victim's debit card at a nearby gas station, police said.On Wednesday, officers found Smith and Mc Neil on Tara Lane in the NOPD's 7 District.There’s something about putting words and images into the atmosphere as representations of yourself that feels so final.In a way, creating a dating profile is like the ultimate defining moment for yourself.Even though I was offended, I tried to brush it off when women who were interested in me suddenly became disinterested when they learned I was bi.They would say things like, “I don’t date bi women, there’s too much competition,” “you can’t trust them,” or, the worst, “they carry diseases.” It was terrible.While labels can be used as tools to teach others about the LGBTQ community and for political justice, within the community, they can be a bit divisive.In the LGBTQ dating app world, the label you choose for your profile is used as a kind of language to communicate different things.Today, I am confident in my view that labels don’t mean as much as people think they do.Truly getting to know someone is hard to do in a realm that is initially, totally digital, but whichever lucky lady wants to date me will put in that extra effort.


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