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What are my chances of dating harry styles dating jokes quotes

Styles is practically an angel, as far as I'm concerned.

You shouldn't just have a good sense of humor — you also shouldn't take yourself too seriously.

Sorry, lazy couch potatoes like myself, but Styles loves hanging out with girls who have a thirst for adventure.

You don't have to start going skydiving or anything like that, but remaining open to new experiences and trying new things will win you a lot of points with the boy-bander.

The thing is, Styles' taste in women is pretty open-ended.

In case you didn't get this from the 1D singer dropping the bombshell that gender doesn't matter when it comes to romance, Styles tends to fall for people randomly rather than adhering to any particular "type." Which is great, because it means that anyone has a chance, but frustrating when you're trying to pin down exactly what it is about you that someone like Styles would think is magical.


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