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Pro surfing is a young man's game and yet, Slater has managed to beat back generation after generation of young hot shots. In the 70s, Coco Beach was a pretty happening spot because of the Space Center. As I started to get good my mom would make sure that I was keeping myself on track. Surfing is just my hobby and football is the biggest sport in school. I got to practice as it was finishing and my friends were like, ' Where were you? ' To them it was foreign, but to me, at that age I felt like I saw the wave differently.Along the way he's made incredible stylistic and technical contributions to his sport. He liked to play video games and listen to the juke box. There was a real mesh between the astronauts and the surfers. Surfing had no money then, so it wasn't like they were relying on me to have a good career. I could see the lines that other people drew and then I'd look at and feel what I was doing and I could see that it was different and unique. My manager at the time truly believed that one day people would look back and say, ' Wow! ' He thought I was going to be an actor and he had this plan for me by the time I was 14. I was 19 or 20 and on my way to Australia when he told me that I had to go to the casting session.We're doing a lot of recycled stuff—old fishing nets pulled out of the ocean recycled into clothing fabric. There is zero chance I will ever be bored of finding and surfing good waves. There are so many different kinds of waves—reefs, big waves, small waves, hollow waves, point waves, warm water, cold water.The design element will come first, but I want it to be seen as a responsibly produced product. Unlocking a surf break can take years—finding the right size, the right wind, the right tide, all of those elements coming together.

That’s why , one of the finest things between paper covers that exists in the magazine world, devoted an entire issue to him.

Kelly Slater is the best surfer in the world, and he kicked some butt and landed first place in the Boost Mobile Pro surfing competition in San Clemente, CA, last week.

It’s science, rigorously peer tested and proven over and over again.

Simply, without Kelly Slater, surfing wouldn't be surfing; it would be something else. I would pay literally anything to have that board back. It had a picture of Jaws swimming up to a naked lady on the bottom. We owned a bait and tackle shop with a live shrimp tank. We watched all of the shuttle and satellite launches. My mom worked for them and the owner, Bill, wanted to give us a little bit of money so he started a little surfboard line through the company for us. I felt like I had an ability to push that into something that hadn't been seen before. I had that feeling really clearly a couple times last year. I felt really in tune with the waves and no matter what, I'm winning. If I didn't have a world title and that happened it would be a lot tougher. I was so reluctant to go to the casting; I didn't really put in any sort of special performance, I just wanted to get out of there.

This week, pro surfing's elite converged on the North Shore of Hawaii for the final stop of the World Tour. I've heard rumors that it's surf shop in Singapore. Me and my brothers would always get excited when the guy would come and deliver shrimp. The shuttle that exploded, the Challenger, was the 25th launch and I had seen every one, most of them at Third Street Beach. The woman was like, ' I'm paying you guys too much to sit here and play in the dirt.' She paid us to go home. I narrowly beat some good friends for world titles. For a long time I was so competitive that it was hard to sit back and understand how that would feel. Later I got a call from my manager and he said, ' You got the job! Each time I'd get to the set and see the script and I'd be like, ' What!? I'd say, ' What kind of shit are you writing. In April you cut ties with Quiksilver after 23 years and announced that you were starting your own clothing line with the French luxury brand Kering.


  1. Jul 3, 2018. Kelly Slater, the greatest surfer of all time, will quit at the end of the 2019. While now the oldest surfer on the world tour, he was his sport's.

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