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Who is mo rocca dating

"Like a lot of things, I'm torn between what I actually want and what I think I should want," Mo adds.

"And there's a whole lot of guilt mixed in." Mo Rocca is all about details, and his stories on CBS Sunday Morning often nerd out on language, history, and science.

Since then, the event has empowered students to learn about their world and how they can make an impact as global citizens.

Tune in to see Rocca moderate the final round of the National Geographic Bee Championship on the National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo WILD, Friday, May 27, at 8 p.m.

Second- and third-place finishers will receive ,000 and ,000 college scholarships, respectively.

The second was that my boyfriend demanded that I go to a Danish Mc Donald’s and take notes on how it’s different. I was impressed with the cleanliness and the service but also the trays were sunken.

"The whole series was driven by guilt for not having helped my grandmother in the kitchen, so I feel particularly protective of her ravioli," Mo admits.

In the spirit of Grandma Rocca's ravioli, Mo and Dan don't shy away from the big issues: ravioli grammar, trim-to-pouch ratios, and the anxiety of the disemboweled raviolo.

With the support of our members and donors, we work to inspire, illuminate and teach through scientific expeditions, award-winning journalism, education initiatives and more.

You marry square ravioli." That's humorist and Cooking Channel host Mo Rocca talking about his favorite ravioli shapes.


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