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He has had more freaking girlfriends than any man I've ever met. Turned out one of Lionel's ex girlfriends heard he was about to be married and asked if she could see him.He said yes, she went over and next thing she was calling her brother to help her move Lionel to her house. Or the next Stephen Hawking, who has taught us more about the universe than any other human.Or the next Oscar Pistorius (sans the killing part) or the next Peter Dinklage, the hottest and most brilliant actor on "Game of Thrones." Don't assume you're superior to us, because frankly, you're not..all.Name: Cara Liebowitz, 23City: Long Island, New York Disabilities: Cerebral palsy, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and asthma Job: Freelance writer and blogger Her biggest dating challenges: Honestly? It’s really hard to maintain a romantic relationship (never mind sexual), when you hardly ever see the person. Will I have enough battery power in my scooter to get there and back?So whenever I make plans, I have to plan it with military precision: Where are we going? Even the closest relationships, geographically, can feel like long-distance relationships to me because it takes so much planning and so much energy.You are welcome to use Disabled Passions solely as a dating site, since it has all the major features found on mainstream dating sites (e.g.

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I even married a man I desperately loved, [who] immediately pressured me to apply for his green card and when he became impatient [waiting for it], emptied my bank account, maxed out my credit cards to the tune of ,000, bought a one-way ticket back to his home country with my credit card, and ransacked my apartment while I was in a deposition one day.

Relationship experiences have been positive: I have so many good memories from all of my relationships.

I think my favorite memories are those memories where my disabilities and access needs were really accepted and accommodated. But it’s presented as ' This non-disabled person could have gotten anyone, and they chose a disabled person.' It’s objectifying as all hell.

When I date someone, touch and affection are very important to me and these barriers make that nearly impossible.

I have, however, dated men with other disabilities, like mental illness, and chromosomal defects.


  1. Jan 16, 2017. Silhouettes of man in a wheelchair and female date kissing at sunset. Embracing the Possibilities When Dating as a Man With a Disability.

  2. I can't answer for all women but I can say I would date a man with a disability. My first requirement of any man I date is he has to have great hygiene, then be.

  3. Dec 9, 2015. So you are saying you don't believe non-disabled people can date people with disabilities?” I asked a woman who opened a new.

  4. Disabled Passions is a 100% FREE online dating & social networking community specifically for singles with a disability. Meeting new people can sometimes be.

  5. Jan 4, 2018. However, do keep in mind that these websites are much larger than niche disability dating sites and some users, particularly women, can get.

  6. Mar 28, 2017. Jessica Grono offers helpful dating advice for people with physical disabilities. Disability or not, finding a date, asking for a date, and actually going out. Woman in a wheelchair outdoors, artistic image with blurred crowds.

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